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Celebrating my 45 th year in Real Estate, there is no substitute for experience. When you are ready to sell or purchase a home here at the coast I will guide you in every way I can to make an informed, knowledgeable, and intelligent decision regarding your real estate matters. I have been involved or overseen as an owner-Broker of my own company hundreds of transactions worth multi-million dollars in volume. There isn't much I haven not seen or done in my long career. I have spent my whole adult life in the Real Estate Business. I became a Broker 30 years ago here in Oregon, and have lived at the coast for the past 20 years. I love the coast, want to share the reasons why I love it, and plan to spend the rest of my life here. Your complete satisfaction is my primary goal. I pride myself in going the extra mile for my clients and it's nice that they have become friends as well. I am currently serving on the Board of Directors for the MLS of Clatsop County as the Secretary/ Treasurer.


"Location, location, location" may be the golden rule of real estate, but you can't get there without someone who is willing to listen, listen, listen. Barb Scott is the realtor for you if you want someone who will take the time to learn your wants and needs and not waste your time showing properties that don't meet them. Add to that her 40 years of experience and you can't go wrong. Not only did she guide through my first home purchase, she found my dream home--all because she knew what I wanted and how to find it. Throughout the entire process, she was in tune with my needs and knew exactly how to help. Her willingness to take the time to explain every step of the process--more than once in some cases--was the most reassuring thing she could have done. Her tenacity was always aimed in my best interest. There wasn't an issue or person she wouldn't track down in search of an answer. WHAT I LIKED THE MOST: absolutely no hard sell or fast talking. Just an honest hard worker who enjoys what she does and takes immense pride in meeting her client's needs. She came highly recommended to me and I highly recommend her to you.

Linda Brandon

We just wanted to thank you for making buying a house from 300 miles away so easy. We thought it would be a daunting and impossible task, but your knowledge of the area, your work ethic, and your professionalism made our dream of getting the perfect beach home in our price range a reality. Starting with our initial meeting, we appreciated your understanding and willingness to extend your day well into the evening on a Saturday since we were traveling from such a great distance with an infant. We had only that afternoon to shop for houses and familiarize ourselves with the area, and you made the most of it for us by showing us properties in our price range from as far south as The Cove, to as far north as Gearhart, and properties in between (Downtown Seaside Area). We were amazed at how much you knew about the area, and you seemed to know something about most of the houses we saw with a sign. If something caught our eyes, you did not rush us, and as we followed you in our car along the tour, we appreciated you stopping voluntarily to tell us about a property or something about the area that might be helpful in our search. It was very wise of you to show us a few properties just out of our price range so we could get a feel for what we could expect to find in our price range with respect to size and location. When we did find our place, and since we were buying the property with another couple, you had the challenge of coordinating everything from offer to close with two sets of families, which meant two sets of documents, two sets of phone calls (and lots of 3-way calls), two sets of faxes, and two sets of emails. I don know how you kept it all straight  coordinating with two families, the lenders, the sellers, the title company, etc, but somehow you made everything work seamlessly from start to finish. We think the most critical step to getting our house, was getting our offer in first, and you helped us do that by sending our offer into the selling agent as soon as we could all get our forms back to you  after 7pm at night. We later learned that there were other parties interested in the house, so when that is the case, it is important to have the first offer, and you made sure that happened for us. It is also worth mentioning that when my friend came to look at the house for the first time without his wife, with two young children (aged 4 and 2) in tow, you entertained the children for quite a long time so he could get a thorough look at the house. He appreciated that immensely! I cannot say enough about your work ethic. If there is someone out there that works harder than you, I would like to meet that person. Anytime our partners and we had questions about anything regarding our house, it seemed like we had an email waiting for us with an answer before we could hang up the phone. You researched city records for information about unimproved property around our home, you researched our property tax history with the county assessor, you made yourself available for our home inspection when neither our partners nor we could be there, you gave us contacts for property managers, insurance companies, reputable construction companies, and you gave us all of the time we needed and you did everything on OUR schedule, which was not a typical 9am-5pm work day. I could tell from our first phone conversation that you knew your stuff and that you were an honest person. I can honestly say you went above and beyond for us, and you exceeded all of our expectations, and then some. Thanks again, Barb, for helping us find our dream beach home!

Mike and Erin Cristofaro

From the time I was 12-years-old, having grown up in the Texas Panhandle, I have dreamed of living on the ocean. Now, thanks to Barb Scott, that dream has come true. On June 30, 2010, I closed on a wonderful little house in Seaside, Oregon, just two blocks from the ocean. Thanks to Barb, the search for and purchase of the house went effortlessly. Because of low interest rates and lower house prices, the time to buy a second home seemed optimal. I searched the Web for property for sale along the northern Oregon coast (my brother owned a barbeque restaurant in Cannon Beach in the 1980s and I knew then that this would be a wonderful place to live). I ran across Barbs website and on a whim, submitted my phone number and e-mail address. The next evening, after dinner at a Chinese restaurant, the message in my fortune cookie, read I's time to explore the nearest coast.And that same night, when I came home from dinner, there was voice message from Barb. Needless to say, the stars seemed in my favor. I called Barb the following day, certain that it would be impossible for me to find an affordable house near the ocean. She assured me that it was not only possible but entirely possible. After telling her what I was looking for (small and cozy), she sent me listings of houses up and down the coast that were within my price range. I chose those I wanted to see, and with her encouragement, made plans to come from Reno to meet her in Seaside. I had two days to look for a place before I had to return to home and work. Barb met me at noon on the first day ready to go. We spent the first day looking at houses in Seaside, and then most of the next day looking at homes from Cannon Beach to Manzanita. Barb had done her homework and was able to answer any question I had about the houses. She was professional, knowledgeable, and low-key Ãnd no pressure at all, just good, solid information about the houses. Because of her efficient planning, we looked at nearly 20 houses over the two days. On the second day, I revisited a Seaside house and knew without doubt that it would be my perfect beach house. We sat down that afternoon, put together a contract, and I headed back to Reno. Needless to say, I had some concerns about trying to close a contract on a house in Seaside when I lived 600 miles away in Reno. These concerns were absolutely ungrounded. From start to finish, Barb took charge of the entire process. She worked with my mortgage banker in Reno, skillfully advised me with contract negotiations with the sellers, provided me with names of necessary contacts in Seaside, and was in constant communication with me via phone and e-mail from signing of the contract until closing. We closed on June 30 without a hitch. Now the house is officially mine and Barbs work is officially completed. However, Barb has not left me on my own to face my new responsibilities with the house. Immediately after closing, she sent me the list of utility companies I needed to contact (I probably would not have thought about this so soon had it not been for her diligence). Also, in anticipation of possible needs and unforeseen problems, she sent me the names and phone numbers of trusted handy men, contractors, plumbers, landscapers, etc. I have already met with a great handy man and competent contractor who are going to help me make the house truly my own. Not only has Barb found me find good people to work with, she shows up when necessary to meet with them at the house. In fact, on the last day of her stay in the house, a friend called to tell me that washing machine water had backed up into the bathtub. At the time, I was in New York, completely across the country and felt helpless about what to do. I immediately contacted Barb about the problem, and she reassured me that the warranty on the house would take care of the problem. She gave me the phone number of the warranty provider and the ID number that I would need to get the process started. The day after I contacted the company, the plumber called and the problem was taken care of. In short, I am so glad that I know Barb. She has been a fantastic professional, a comforting contact, and most of all, a new, good friend. Thanks, Barb!

Rhoda C.

Thanks so much Barb for making our purchase at the Beach such a smooth one. The negotiating you did with the Bank was non other than Spectacular! You were a ROCK during the whole transaction. We are so happy to have had you as our Realtor and now our friend. You were, and still are a valuable resource and have made out dreams come true

Thanks again,

Dave and Shannon Bernard

Barbara Scott Real Estate

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